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Find answers to frequently asked questions below. If you have a question that is not included on the menu, feel free to contact us directly at 888-918-9544 or email [email protected]

Will we get the local network channels?

Yes. They are available in over 99% of the country via high-powered digital satellite. If they are not available via satellite, Bulk TV & Internet will provide them via an off-air antenna system.

Isn’t cable better than satellite?

No. Actually all television is delivered via satellite. Bulk TV & Internet is essentially providing clients with their own digital signal from the satellite. By receiving their programming directly, the signal strength to the property is typically twice that of what the cable company provides, increasing the quality of picture and sound while decreasing potential service issues.

So, why do people use Bulk TV & Internet?

Many cable clients have grown frustrated with excessive annual price increases, a lack of programming choices and poor customer service. At Bulk TV & Internet, we offer more programming choices, unmatched picture quality and substantial cost savings.

Can I choose only the channels I want to pay for?

Absolutely. Bulk TV & Internet’s à la carte pricing makes it easy to only choose the channels that you want. Cable companies, however, require you to pay more for the channels you want by bundling them with other “junk channels” that you and your customers don’t want.

Do residential applications get all the channels, too?

At Bulk TV & Internet, we provide a substantial basic TV lineup and allow individual residents to digitally upgrade. We can also provide high-speed Internet access with dedicated T-1 lines or ethernet for significantly less cost than the cable company.

Isn’t equipment expensive?

No. Actually, the cable company charges you year after year for its outdated infrastructure. With Bulk TV & Internet, you can purchase the digital TV reception system and only pay the low programming charges per month, or we have lease options available.

Does service go down every time it rains?

No. This is referred to as rain fade. To combat this, Bulk TV & Internet uses a commercial-grade dish antenna, resulting in a much stronger signal. Bulk TV & Internet also uses commercial-heated dishes in northern or mountain climates, which eliminate ice and snow buildup. Please keep in mind that your local cable company also receives programming via satellite dish antennas and amplifies signals to entire cities; we’re virtually providing your property with its own private cable system, resulting in a superior picture and sound and less service-related issues.

Can owners upgrade programming and/or additional channels?

Yes. Owners can upgrade to high-definition programming, pay-per-view, sports packages and/or additional channels. If your property purchases our QAM digital overlay system, residents can individually upgrade simply by calling our customer service department to order their own digital receiver. The resident or their family will be billed separately for any additional programming services.

Who will service my property if there are problems?

Because Bulk TV & Internet is providing your property with a direct digital satellite signal (as opposed to cable amplifying the signal on a hard line to you and thousands of others), we have very few service-related issues. Most Bulk TV & Internet systems include remote monitoring capabilities, which notify our Tech Support Department of any issues before they become a problem. In most cases, the issue can be fixed remotely before guests or residents are aware of the situation. If a property experiences reception issues, they can call the Bulk TV & Internet 24/7 x 365 Technical Support line and the issue will be promptly resolved over the phone or by a local service technician. For added peace of mind, most Bulk TV & Internet systems include a comprehensive onsite warranty for the entire term of the agreement.

Is there less of a programming selection on satellite TV?

No. This is quite the contrary, as there are more than 1,800 channels available, including all of your standard movie channels such as HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, STARZ!, and Encore. Bulk TV & Internet also offers the most HD and International channels available to meet your customers’ expectations.

Do you have to run new cabling throughout my property?

No. We’ll utilize your existing cabling distribution system. Typically, we can distribute a much stronger signal to your rooms/units than what local cable companies provide.

How long does it take to get your service?

The engineering of your new system typically takes about 4-6 weeks and professional installation takes 1-2 days, with minimal down time for your property.

Are there other properties in our area that have your service?

In all likelihood, yes, considering Bulk TV & Internet provides service nationwide, including clients in all 50 states. For more information, ask your account representative for specific references in your area.