Network Solutions

to Meet Your Needs & Your Budget

High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA)
from Bulk TV & Internet

Bulk TV & Internet offers various high-speed Internet access solutions including both wired and wireless network hardware to enable today’s connected world where users carry multiple devices. Our network services are managed and supported around the clock to ensure satisfaction with your clientele. Flexible financial terms make this key amenity affordable for your property.

  • Leading, Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi Networks Equipped with the Latest Wireless Standards
  • Professional Design & Progressive Network Architectures
  • Wide Array of Gateway Features for Authentication, Billing & Bandwidth Management
  • Affordable Financing Options
  • 24/7 x 365 Technical Support for Staff & Clientele
  • Turnkey Solutions Including Flexible Bandwidth Options

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Blueprint RF is the Brand-Certified Solution for Marriott and Hyatt Hotels.


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