Secure Connection

  • Guest authentication keeps unauthorized users from using property Internet bandwidth
  • Users must agree to Terms of Service to proceed, which manages legal risk
  • User management ensures individuals don’t monopolize bandwidth

Enterprise-Grade Equipment

  • Enterprise-grade hardware is built for an environment with hundreds of devices connecting simultaneously—the average guest brings over 3 devices each to a hotel
  • Configure and manage multiple Access Points (radios) as a network to reduce competition with one another, which could lead to degradation of services
  • Limited lifetime warranty on network equipment
  • Remote diagnostic tools to troubleshoot issues
  • Remote remediation of issues (reconfigure, reboot, etc.) rather than manual intervention by staff
  • Automated remote firmware updates to keep networking equipment up-to-date and optimized
  • User privacy configurations through port isolation, back office network firewalling, or physical network configuration

Remote Support Services

  • Remote monitoring keeps a pulse on the health of your network
  • 24×7 professionally staffed and trained IT professionals to manage and remediate your networks, respond to onsite incidents, or facilitate warranty replacements
  • Interface with your broadband circuit provider if needed

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